CleanSpace – OnDemand Cleaning App


Spend time doing the things that make you happy

The average person spends 12,896 hours of their life cleaning. Let CleanSpace fix that.


Easily book any cleaning task.


Track your cleaner from room to room.


Vetted, insured professionals

Accessible cleaning from anywhere, anytime.

The #1 app to get any size home cleaned on-demand.

The problem: The stress of everyday, the hassle of finding help.

CleanSpace provides a way to an easier life by offering customers a quick, stress-free means to get amazing cleans. We offer cleaners a better method to find home cleanings and provide excellent service.


Book a clean anytime,


CleanSpace supports local cleaning partners while also maintaining the highest quality and security.


Your space always clean and stress-free

Providing everything you need and more than you expect in a clean space

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Get your home clean today


If you like your cleaning experience, make your cleaner the one you prefer and always have the same cleaner, every clean.

High Quality Results

Our cleaning partners focus on delivering the highest quality cleaning experience with advanced training and certification.

Frequently Asked Questions

We keep it simple and charge a flat 3% on top of the cleaning cost. This keeps things running.

We have no penalties if you cancel a cleaning within 24 hours of when it is scheduled to be done.

For last-minute cancellations, you forfeit the cleaning cost and no refund will be given. 

We are taking on a limited number of cleaning partners that meet our quality standards and have highly rated reviews.

Please reach out to us if your company is looking to expand their market reach!